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Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Shredded​100% made from cow's milk​GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS​FINISHED PRODUCT ANALYSIS:A. Moisture 45 - 50%B. Fat on Dry Basis 30 - 44.5%C. Salt 1.5 up to 2%D. pH 5.1 5.4E. Color Creamy WhiteMICROBIOLOGICAL STANDARDS:A. Coliform/gm < 500 cfu per gmB. E. coli/gm < 10 cfu per gmC. L.monocytogenes NegativeD. Salmonella NegativeE. Staph coag NegativeF. Yeast & Mold <1000 cfu per gmPHYSICAL STANDARDS:A. Shredded low moisture part skim mozzarella shall have a mild delicate buttery to slight acid flavor.B. Unacceptable flavors are fruity, sour, malty and metallic.C. Slight browning and oiling without burning under normal cooking conditions.PACKAGING AND LABELING REQUIREMENTS:A. Product shall be packaged in an oxygen barrier film.B. Production date will be indicated on the outer case and inner bags.​PACKAGE:25kg block/carton , 15KG BLOCK , 10KG BLOCK , 5 KG ,2KG , 1 KG , 0.5 KG​SHELF LIFE AND STORAGE:A. This product has a 24 months shelf life from date of manufacture.B. Keep refrigerated at 33 to 40F.ALLERGEN DECLARATION:A. Dairy – MilkShelf life: 24 months